ethan elshyeb

Ethan is a Colorado-based designer, engineer, photographer, and music producer. He likes exploring, eating, and randomly jumping off things yelling "parkour!" to the dismay of those around him.

work & projects

dart_eval and flutter_eval - from-scratch bytecode compiler and interpreter setup for AOT Dart, enabling code-push for Flutter apps
How I stole the data in millions of peoples' Google accounts - 2021 expository article about the dangers of single-sign on (SSO) in mobile apps
fleur - Building a human-flying autonomous drone with 3D camera-based localization and mapping (SLAM)
carbonplayer  - a drop-in replacement for the Google Play Music app featuring a beautiful design, created by reverse-engineering Google APIs

visual & photography

I’ve always had a strong attachment to aesthetics, and I like to bring a camera with me wherever I go to catch the “perfect shot”. See more on my VSCO.

Gear: Sony a6400, Sigma 30mm f1.4, Sony 18-135mm f3.5-5.6
Nountain landscape in Israel, 2020Big Sur, 2019Fresnel lens, 2020Sunbathing on a frozen lake, 2021Ice castle, 2020

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